The Myrmidons

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The Myrmidons

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Descendants of the famous warband of Achilles himself, the Myrmidons have not fought as a single fighting unit since shortly after the Trojan war came to an end. They train at the Temple of Thetis in Phthia, then go out amongst the Greek nations in one of several roles- bodyguards to the families of kings and princes, trainers of the elite troops and diplomats promoting Hellenic unity. Now that battlefield war has been outlawed by the Gods, Lord Myrmidon is gathering his men and women to seek victory for Greece in the arena ...

Boets, Lord Myrmidon. OOC Leviticus Stroud.

2nd In Command:
TBC. This is done democraticaly, with each 'profession' (Champions, Priests, Philosophers and Laymen) electing their own 'head' of their number, but with overall command in the hands of the head Warleader who is given the title of Lord Myrmidon.

Contact Details:
A facebook group can be found here:!/home.php?sk=group_128365337224961&ap=1

Thetis, the mother of Achilles, is the true deity of the group. Of the 'Olympians' (or the 12 choices from the character creation to be more precise) it is Hades.

After Achilles' offended many Gods at Troy in his arrogance, and Phthia was brought near to ruin by Posiedon, the famed warriors named after Achilles' forefather Myrmidon were left directionless. They decided that they would stay and guard Thetis in her Temple at first, then began to spread out amongst Greece trying to bring unity amongst the city states- intent that others should not make the mistakes of the past. For a long time they had little success, as the Pelopnesian wars can attest.

One thing they did manage to do well was protect many innocents caught up in the confilcts of their relatives. The children of many kings and princes owe their lives to having a Myrmidon bodyguard. Not just for the famed skill of a Myrmidon, who no amateur soldier has ever faced and defeated, but primarily because so many of the elite forces of Greece have served under those same bodyguards when they were teachers in the arts of war and so many commanders were themselves kept safe by Myrmidons in their own youth.

Having counselled against Alexander's plan to bring down the Gods, and kept many of the families of the fallen generals safe in the aftermath and backlash of rebellion and rioting that followed his defeat, the Myrmidons are now finding their role as bodyguards much reduced. But as trainers it has increased and their diplomacy is finding a far more willing audience. Boets, the first Myrmidon to step into King Minos' arena, has taken up the mantle of Lord Myrmidon and has put out the call for those of his order who are able to do so to attend the next Annual. Immortality awaits, whether from the sagas of greatness or in Elysia under the judgement of Hades. No Myrmidon shall be found wanting.

"Let no man forget how menacing we are. We are lions!"


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