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Aegis Hellas

Post  Colin (Aegis Hellas) on Wed Nov 03, 2010 8:54 am

Name: Aegis Hellas

Concept: Aegis Hellas is formed of Ex Alexandrian officers and soldiers.

Warleader: Lysander (Colin Northridge)

2IC: Dean Pye

Contact Details: Post in the public forums or PM me on this forum.

Deity: The group worships all deities but Athena is given primacy.

Background: Aegis Hells is formed of Ex Alexandrian officers and soldiers; warriors who were loyal to Alexander right up to the eve of the final battle. It was only when the true extent of his madness was revealed that they broke with him. They still had many ties to the army and would not fight against their comrades in arms, instead they returned to Greece vowing to take no part in the coming battle. Their courage was never in doubt, just Alexander’s cause. With the news of Alexander’s defeat they vowed to preserve the integrity of the Greek nation and to ensure that its light shines brightly amongst the other nations.

Colin (Aegis Hellas)

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