The Children of Perseus

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The Children of Perseus

Post  Kapaneus ChildOfPerseus on Thu Oct 21, 2010 2:43 am

Name : The Children of Perseus

Concept : All are descendants of the original inhabitants of Mycenae. A mix of soldiers, healers and priests

Warleader : James Wilson - Kapaneus

2ic : Dan Morley - (name?) & Bob Baker - Telemachus

Contact Details : PM through this forum. We will only recruit through face-to-face contact.

Patron/Deity : Ares (The High Priestess of Ares is one of the Children)

Background : We are the last of the descendants of the original inhabitants of Mycenae, a city destroyed by Argos over 100 years ago, it's people scattered. This particular group have been employed as mercenaries for many years until the upheaval following the defeat of Alexander. In the year of chaos that followed, we saw our chance to exact revenge and attacked Argos. After a successful take-over, we are now consolidating our rule and our ultimate goal is to rebuild the city of Mycenae.....

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