The Daedanauts

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The Daedanauts

Post  Wozzi on Thu Oct 21, 2010 12:12 am

Name: The Daedanauts

Concept: Cretan crew of the trierime Daedalus. Essentially a mixed bunch of soldiers, sailors etc who sail out of Knossos.

Warleader: Wozzi Foat (Platanos of Phaistos)

2IC: David Smith (Oenos of Knossos)

Contact Details:
PM Wozzi on this Forum. Although, we do prefer to recruit face to face IC/OOC at events. This gives both parties a chance to check what they are letting themselves in for Razz

Poseidon - As islanders and sea farer's, it makes the most sense (however we currently have a Priestess of Hera as our Priest of Poseidon sacrificed himself)

Although there is a King and Army on Crete it is the navy that gets the renown and money of Knossos, the Daedalus is the flagship of the Cretan fleet and has therefore been chosen to represent and protect Knossos at the Annual. anyone signing up must swear an oath to obey the Trierarch, and protect Crete. We are honourable, following the Laws of Gortyn (a precursor to the Spartan laws of Lycurgus) and love to fight. Though be warned, a ships crew are not for the dainty or refined. Coarse language and straightforward talk are the norm. Our aim is to protect Knossos at any cost, even our lives!
For more detailed info on group background, mythology of Crete and a map, please go here:-


Platanos - Strategos of The Daedanauts
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The Daedanauts

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