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Please read before posting

Post  Pythagoras on Wed Oct 20, 2010 9:44 am

Please follow these guidelines. The purpose of this section is to make the community aware of your group without things turning into a rivalry thing for new recruits. Can each group post a thead in the following format please? This will give recruits a chance to check things out and its nice and fair.


Concept: Do you have a particular theme or overall group style? (example, hired Scythian Mercinaries, retired Alexander soldiers, Myridons etc...)

Warleader: Who is in command

2IC: Second in command

Contact Details: Who to e-mail about joining.

Deity: Does your group favor one God/Goddess as a patron?

Background: Tell us about the group, your chance to tell the world what makes the group tick and its background. Please stick to a 2-3 paragraphs not a novel so people get the idea and can ask more if they are interested.

I will lock the topics when each group has posted up their blerb and visitors can then make an informed choice.



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