Sons of Bellerophon

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Sons of Bellerophon

Post  JakeEllery (SoB) on Mon Jul 02, 2012 1:20 pm

Name: Sons of Bellerophon

Concept: Wealthy Corinthians, We play the Information and money game But Can Field Champions when we need to.
Warleader: Athanasius (me)

2IC: Pherenike(Mark_M)

Contact Details: Jake (at) Or Pm me on here.
Deity: Aphrodite, Athena or Poseidon

Background:The sons of Bellerophon have a strong love for information, invention and Art as natural for any native Corinthian. All can draw a line to Bellerophon and have been known at times to fall into the trap of hubris that was his downfall, It is a point the tragedy does not happen again however it can sometimes slip during the completion of a great feat. Although decadent the people of Corinth and by extension the sons of Bellerophon are Extremely patriotic and will fight to the last man to defend it. Our colours are Green and black and our Symbol is Pegasus
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